September 2, 2003

In search of an author  

My name is Paul Goyette. For the moment I'm working as a researcher with Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, where I also recently completed a masters in public policy. Prior to that, I spent a couple years working for the Social Security Administration; before that I did a degree in comparative literature and Russian at Indiana University.

My interests are wide ranging; I started this blog with the intention of writing mostly about politics (I was doing the public policy degree at the time), but I guess I'm easily distracted, so you'll find posts here about many other topics. The one major pursuit of mine that almost never gets mentioned on the blog though is music -- I spend a lot of time on a piano, playing jazz and blues, but also Bach; and of course I'm an avid listener as well.

I like to write (obviously!); besides blog entries, I also create lyrics and libretti for my good friend David Sasso; our first collaboration was on the children's opera The Trio of Minuet, and as of this writing a second major project is in the works.

[updated August 24, 2006]