September 9, 2003

Concerning this blog  

locussolus is my personal blog, where I write about pretty much whatever I'm interested in (you can read more about me here). It's changed a lot since it began in 2003; the subject matter, style, and tempo have all varied with my changing interests. Here are a few representative posts:

1. Ethical vegetarianism
2. The Dean model
3. Dreams of a final theory (and this follow-up)
4. The essence of bullshit
5. Undervaluing your spare kidney
6. And dangerous things
7. Hearing distinctions
8. Too many chiles
9. The aura of election (also this)
10. Grandmother tongue, or the tale of Gonya
11. Spinach mushroom quiche
12. Collective authority
I took the title locussolus from the novel Locus Solus by French author Raymond Roussel. The novel was originally published in 1914 and is widely available in French. An English translation by Rupert Copeland Cunningham is out of print and difficult to obtain in the US, but the first chapter, translated by Harry Mathews, appears in the Roussel anthology How I Wrote Certain of My Books, published in 1995 by Exact Change.

The site design was inspired in part by TokyoShoes. It's also indebted to Blogger for providing the template (in somewhat altered form) to painpill, on which this site was built.

The banner graphic is a detail from an untitled painting by Steve Snyder. The painting hangs above my piano; an amateur digital reproduction is available if you're interested.

locussolus is powered by Movable Type. It was launched on August 12, 2003 -- although the archives include posts from my previous blog, which go back to February 6, 2003.

[updated February 22, 2006]