June 24, 2007

My grandmother   {Comments: 5}

The absences are getting longer, but often they can't be helped; life has become much more difficult lately. Among the reasons for this is the recent death of my grandmother, who I wanted to mention here because she's appeared before on this blog. She was a tough cookie, and I'm confident she could have taken Will Baude to the mat given the chance for a rematch. Among other things, I will miss her stories about immigrating to the US, her constant reminders about the nutritive value of avocados, and our many games of Scrabble.

June 12, 2007

More on Safari   {Comments: 0}

This article from the Times about the new Windows version of Safari talks a little about what Apple is trying to achieve with this move. The more interesting stuff is down at the bottom. I had assumed the release was primarily about the iPhone, which if I'm not mistaken will use Safari; presumably Apple wants people to be able to have the same internet experience across devices, and so it made sense to make the browser available.

June 11, 2007

What counts as knowledge and truth   {Comments: 5}

1. Richard Rorty is gone.

2. This map showing which countries' GDPs correspond with various states' is cool, albeit in an annoyingly American we're #1 sort of way. I'm still trying to understand how Illinois has a bigger GDP than New York State... a friend tells me it's all about agriculture, but I don't buy it.

3. Even though I'm pretty happy with Firefox (and I've invested a lot of time into customizing it), I'm giving Safari a whirl now that it's available for Windows. I don't know if it's any faster, as they claim; my main concern so far is that the antialiasing is going to damage my vision.

June 4, 2007

Namely, this one   {Comments: 0}

Will Baude has posted his last entry on Crescat Sententia, which presumably means the end of the blog. And I'm very sorry to see it go; it was probably the blog I've had the most fun interacting with, and I made some interesting friends there. I haven't been reading it much lately (as should be obvious given the time it took me to discover that it had closed up shop!), partly because the posts have been few and far between but partly because I have also been largely absent from the blogosphere myself.

Incidentally, it seems that Will's absence is at least helped along by a clerkship he has out west. Congratulations, Will, and good luck!