January 1, 2004

Even believed to have magical powers  

If you like bagels, this mouth watering feature in the Times is worth a look. I've never eaten a New york bagel myself, but I have been lucky enough to have one (actually more than one) from St-Viatur in Montreal, a city with its own claims when it comes to bagels. Montreal's bagels are a bit sweeter than your typical offering, but I nevertheless remember one with poppy seeds as the best I've ever had.

While we're on the subject, can anybody point me in the direction of a good Chicago bagel? One of these days I'm going to get up to Skokie and have a look around... should I just case the neighborhood until I spot something with "New York" in the title?

MORE: Gary Farber explains the difference between Nova and lox.

ogged  {January 2, 2004}

Hmm, it's been several years, so I don't know if it's still there or still good, but I remember that Kaufmann's in Skokie is where I used to go for bagels. A bit (just a bit) more fluffy than I like, but very good. (Trying very hard to remember the street...I'll post another comment when I do...)

paul  {January 2, 2004}

Well they seem to still be there, if these rave reviews are any indication... thanks for the tip, ogged!

bigoldgeek  {January 2, 2004}

I'm not sure the name of the place, but if you take the Skokie Swift up and go East of the station on the same side of the street for about a block you run into a place (New York Bagels, maybe?) that has some really good boiled dough.

Did you notice the congee article in the same section of the Times? I'm now trying to find a good place for vegetarian congee.

ogged  {January 2, 2004}

That's the one, Paul. bigoldgeek, those sounds suspiciously like directions to Kaufman's.

Paul McCann  {January 3, 2004}

That is Kaufman's bigoldgeek. They certainly still are there and worth the trip. Also make the trip to the connected deli, for awesome chicken liver, loxs, sable... OK, I know what I'm having this weekend.

bigoldgeek  {January 4, 2004}

Seems like there's a consensus.

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