June 26, 2003

Better than painpill  

Would you take a polypill? According to this article, British scientists want to combine five drugs (aspirin, folic acid, and three blood pressure and cholseterol medications) into one pill that would help protect those at risk from heart attacks and strokes. The projected benefits are incredible:

The researchers estimated that one-third of those taking the pill would get some benefit, gaining on average about 11 extra years without a heart attack or stroke.
I wonder if these results would apply in countries where there is a smaller incidence of heart attack and stroke. The article mentions some concern that taking a prophylactic like this would make individuals complacent about changing their lifestyle - certainly a problem one could imagine in the United States. On the other hand, are people really working to change their habits now?

MORE: Here is the editorial from the British Medical Journal. Apparently there is an "epidemic of cardiovascular disease" in the developing world, raising the question of how to provide the polypill to those countries.

kudrw0lf  {July 16, 2008}


Enjoy Now!

sappic erotica  {July 17, 2008}

My life's been generally bland today. I just don't have anything to say recently. I guess it doesn't bother me. Basically nothing seems worth doing, but I don't care.

More or less nothing seems important. It's not important. Shrug. Whatever. I've just been hanging out doing nothing, but eh. I can't be bothered with anything lately.

katie fey  {July 21, 2008}

Hallo! Es hat sich doch gezeigt, dass die 301 Umleitung einer minus-31 Domain nichts bringt weil die Seite auf die umgeleitet wird auch auf Platz 31 landet. Wenn nun jemand seine -31 Domain auf meine Domain umleiten wurde um mich als Konkurrenten zu argern, gabe es fur mich keine Moglichkeit diese Manipulation herauszufinden.
fey katie

Ich wurde ratseln was ich falsch gemacht hatte und dabei ist es nur ein Trick der Konkurrenz. Edit: Ich habe die Frage vergessen! Gibt es doch eine Moglichkeit herauszufinden ob jemand seine Domain auf meine umgeleitet hat?

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