June 19, 2003

Two American ragazze  

Terrific news: my sister Jackie Goyette and her friend Corrie Cook have a new weblog. Jackie's been in Italy for the past year, and the weblog is about her experiences - so far it looks like she's playing with different travel writing styles, and I'm impressed. If you're interested in travel writing, make sure to check out her online magazine, The Long Trip Home - I think I still have a piece up there myself about Ecuador.

Interestingly enough, Jackie went to a restaurant the other morning to watch them make their batch of ravioli for the day. Meanwhile here in Chicago, my friend John and I threw a little dinner party last night with ravioli as the main course, but the pasta at least was an unmitigated disaster. Maybe next time I can enlist some help from her - although I guess she'll have to come home, first!


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