June 16, 2003

Political machinations?  

Well the career advice isn't exactly pouring in, but PG (who btw couldn't resist that mini-melon story either) tells me I should join one of the political campaigns. But I've got a pretty bad attitude toward ths sort of thing after getting screwed by the Hart campaign - Ezra Klein (who's now blogging over at Not Geniuses, if you're interested) and Kevin Thurman had their gracious post-operative Hart eulogies, but I don't really share the sentiment. This is a guy who was working a pretty optimistic vibe to get elected, and he brought the house down in the end over this cynicism/nostalgia about the unfavorable political environment. But this was also a guy who was dead politically and was nevertheless getting pretty good press - in the same political environment.

As far as other campaigns, I don't know... I'm pretty depressed about the other options - I think my interest in the Democratic primary was pretty localized around Hart. Most of the diaspora seems to have ended up in the Dean camp, but I can't convince myself he has anything substantive to say about foreign policy, which in my view is where the election will be won or lost in 04 (Hart's sophistication on this point was the main reason I supported him). I have been thinking of throwing some of my time into Illinois politics, where Barack Obama may have a chance to take Fitzgerald's senate seat. We'll see.


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