May 29, 2003


If this isn't apparent already, posting will be quite light for the next week or two, since my finals are coming up and I'm in real hot water this quarter (spending a week out of town for the opera didn't help, nor did all this blogging). At the moment I'm trying to wheedle some edits out of some of my classmates for a group project due in an hour. And after that, it's on to another group project in which I'll probably be the target of similar wheedling. How do you like that?

I did want to draw attention to the most important news of the hour... it turns out indoor swimming pools increase one's risk of developing asthma. This is a seriously disturbing revelation for poor asthmatic me, half my childhood spent at the YMCA's indoor pool with that vicious (but loving) instructor Jane. I wonder what's happened to her... maybe she has asthma too?


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