May 22, 2003

Wind dummies  

FedEx has discovered that hybrids are good business. The company has plans to phase 30,000 hybrid delivery trucks into its fleet:

FedEx says that while the new trucks will be more expensive to purchase, they increase fuel efficiency by 50 percent and will be less costly to maintain. The company hopes to break even over the 10 to 12 years that the trucks are expected to last, Mr. Bronczek said.

One plus, he said, was that the shift to hybrids would reduce the company's sensitivity to fuel prices. "When OPEC's fuel prices swing one way or another, the effects on costs are significant," he said.

Too bad for the rest of us, FedEx trucks are going to be the most attractive hybrids on the road.

The article closes with a quote from Christine Todd Whitman, who resigned today as EPA administrator. I was surprised to learn that she had a contentious relationship with the Bush administration's abysmal environmental record - sorry to see her go, since her replacement will surely be less of a friend to the environment.


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