February 26, 2003

Try, try again  

I couldn't fail to notice the story about famous French chef Bernard Loiseau who killed himself when his rating decreased (for the record, it went from 19/20 to 17/20). Marco Pierre White tells us about the stressors these tops chefs face. Obviously there's the temptation to be appalled at the disconnect between the world we ourselves inhabit and the one these chefs are catering to. But with the premiere of my opera coming up so soon, it's easy to relate to the pressure of reviews and ratings. I go from inviting all my friends and imagining a great success to picking at the work we've done, tearing it apart even, bracing for disaster. And that first review - by the Indianapolis Star - will mean everything.

Don't worry, though, I'm only 26 - plenty of time to switch careers if things don't work out!


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