May 4, 2004

Wordly wise  

DrFrankLives over at stinging-nettle points out the idiocy of something Bush said about race. I didn't hear the particular statement he references, but I was horrified during his press conference when he referred to "brown" people. It makes me wonder if the term is in regular use around the White House. I guess this kind of talk would be scandalous if it came from anyone else, but the expectations are so low with Bush that people seem to give him the benefit of the doubt: he misspoke.

bigoldgeek  {May 5, 2004}

Don't forget the flap raised when his father pointed out Jeb's kids (who have a Mexican-American mother) to Ronald Reagan by calling them "the little brown ones".

Frolic  {May 6, 2004}

I'm certainly not the first one to make the point, but Bush keeps talking about "people with a different skin color from us." With a president like this, you don't even need opposition research.

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