May 24, 2004

Political idealism  

There is an inspirational piece in the New Yorker today about Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for Illinois's open Senate seat. I feel like I'm parroting the article when I say he's going to be a major force in American politics over the next 20 years, but I've actually been saying so for a while now: he's one of the brightest and most effective political speakers I've ever seen. And he brings a fresh optimism. The article points out that he has tremendous respect even from his political opponents, and that his support often comes from those who disagree with him -- the latter especially is quite a trick.

Balasubramani  {May 24, 2004}

You are definitely early on this one . . . :)

paul  {May 24, 2004}

Not that early! He's going to be a US senator in the fall...

Barrett  {May 25, 2004}

I hope you're right, but I'm not counting my Democrats before they're elected.

paul  {May 25, 2004}

Come on, man, where's your sense of optimism? Right now there's a lot of hope out there for Dems, both in terms of getting elected and bringing some change to the table. The GOP is spiralling into a bickering mess, and Bush is going to get creamed in November. Barack Obama won't have any problem getting elected...

Barrett  {May 25, 2004}

I'm in a hunker down mode right now. Seeing Bush turned out, the Dems taking the Senate and maybe cutting the House advantage to a few votes would be fantastic.

However, I keep seeing polls where Kerry is up 49-47 or its tied 47-47. I know the electorate isn't paying attention yet, but after the last four years, an inanimate carbon rod should be up 5 points on Bush.

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