May 24, 2004

Now you're playing with power  

I can't help but boast about my new Gmail address. I'd been worrying for some time now about what I was going to do when my subscription to ran out, and then my friend offered to pull some strings for me with his friends at Google. I was a little skeptical about going to a web based format (that live Unix server running Pine can be intoxicating) but I think I'm going to be pretty happy with Gmail... the speed, storage space, and sorting capabilities are pretty much unparalleled.

Barrett  {May 25, 2004}

First - you suck. Second - Where's my gmail account, damnit? I signed up day 1.

It's OK, I'm not TOO envious.

paul  {May 25, 2004}

It does feel a little like cheating the system, but oh well. I'm sure they'll open it up for public use soon enough... I just hope that doesn't slow down the system, which is phenomenally fast right now, far superior to any other web-based mail I've used.

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