June 9, 2004

Passing the buck  

It's not clear how much of a connection this really is, but combined with the memos circulating through Defense and Justice, it looks like this fiasco is going to get harder and harder for the Bush admin to defend. Of course, public outcry over the torture seems to have been overwhelmed for the moment by the orgiastic display of nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, and perhaps because no pictures have come out in a couple weeks. (I have to wonder why the government hasn't released all the pictures, given the public's short attention span. Won't this all just come back when more pictures are leaked?)

Venkat Balasubramani thinks this has been a good week for Bush with the UN victory and all the talk about Iraqi sovreignty. This may be right, but I suspect it will be short-lived... the handover is just around the corner, and it's hard to imagine things not getting worse before they get better.

Marcia Ellen Beevre  {June 10, 2004}

Good week/bad week... depends on your point of view I guess. You know, the Kurds are upset with the UN Memornadum and are considering backing out of the Iraq agreement. If that happens, the whole thing will be back to joke level again.

Balasubramani  {June 11, 2004}

I hear you. In the long run I think the exercise reflects a serious lack of cultural understanding and a serious dose of arrogance. BUT, it seems like when the stories really start to pile up, the PR machine works magic.

Lately I have been too tired.

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