June 10, 2004

All Reagan, all the time  

With everybody clamoring to put Ronald Reagan's mug on our money, whether it's the $10 bill, the $20 bill, or the dime, I guess it's time I put in my own two cents. I think Reagan should appear on a new $500 bill.

First of all, we need a $500 bill. Euros come in 200 and 500 euro denominations, which means it's much easier to transfer vast sums of money in euros now than dollars. It also means that euros are starting to overtake dollars as the currency of choice for black market and criminal activity. If you think this is a good thing for the greenback, you're wrong: there's a lot of prestige (read: confidence and stability) associated with being the black market currency...

So, we need a new $500 bill to counteract the effects of the 500 euro note. And who better to appear on it than Ronald Wilson Reagan? It would be the biggest bill, which seems fitting enough -- certainly a $500 bill wouldn't be much use to the poor. Plus there's this whole arms race feel to printing bigger and bigger bills (although maybe printing a $1000 bill would be more Reagan's style).

Barrett  {June 11, 2004}

I still think putting him on a credit card that your grandkids have to pay off is the most appropriate tribute.

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