June 11, 2004

Carried away  

It's interesting that in all the discussion of the dog with the big vocabulary, nobody's talking about the wide variation in human intelligence. By this I mean: there are a few extraodinary human beings who can do certain things (with language or otherwise) extraordinarily well. This doesn't mean they aren't humans, but it also doesn't have too many implications for the average human being, does it? The fact that one dog can understand severak hundred words doesn't necessarily say anything at all about dogs as a whole. Maybe this Rico is the Nabokov of dogs. He barks like a dog, but thinks like a human!

graywyvern  {June 12, 2004}

yeah, just because he knows more words than dubya doesn't mean we should put his paw on THE BUTTON.

Frolic  {June 14, 2004}

I have a hard time believing dog could be that smart. Now, a cat...

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