June 24, 2004

Lucky man  

Haven't written much lately because 1) I've been insanely busy and 2) there are all kinds of real life changes going on for me that require real life attention. I guess it's too bad not to be blogging during such an interesting historical moment, after a good year of solid writing, but I'll be back in force sometime next month.

The biggest thing for me is that I'm getting married this Saturday. It's shaping up to be a gorgeous ceremony (my fiance is tip-top when it comes to this stuff) and I'm really looking forward to spending time with family and friends from all over the country/world. After the wedding, Carolyn and I are headed to Costa Rica for a much needed two-week honeymoon.

Meanwhile, I've just completed my Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, and I've been spending every free moment on a somewhat unconventional job search process. More on that when I get back...

apostropher  {June 24, 2004}

Congratulations on the ceremony and on the diploma, Paul! Big goings-on in your life these days. About the job search, you know what they say: the only thing worse than having a job is looking for one. Best of luck with it, and enjoy Costa Rica.

Balasubramani  {June 24, 2004}

Nice. Congrats!

barrett  {June 24, 2004}

Finally done with the MPP - congrats and excellent!

Getting marrried - congrats and excellent! Don't forget that in marriage your homework is always due!

See you tonight! I'm overusing Exclamation points!!! Whee!!!!!

Steve  {June 24, 2004}

Hey, enjoy that honeymoon!

Congratulations on the Masters and the Marriage!

Jim  {June 30, 2004}

Sounds like your priorities are in the right place, Paul. All the best with the life changes, and let's "do lunch" when you return.

Another Rice Grad  {July 5, 2004}

I wish you all the best Paul. Hopefully you'll get a job which excites and challenges you, and I'm sure your wife will do the same!

Todd  {July 6, 2004}

Congrats. I hope all was wonderful.

amy allen  {July 11, 2004}


Lenka  {July 14, 2004}

Congratulation, and best wishes on your life together, Paul! Have a wonderful time: enjoy!

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