July 26, 2004

Formal innovators  

Something new from ArtsJournal (no permalinks, but the entry is posted 07/25/2004 9:23pm):

This Wednesday, in partnership with the Aspen Music Festival, ArtsJournal will host a new 10-day blog - Critical Conversation - featuring a dozen of the best classical music critics in America. They will discuss whether or not it is still possible for a Big Idea to animate classical music.
This is something I don't think I've seen before: a short-term, multiplayer blog designed to get right to the heart of a tightly defined issue and then disappear (or, not really disappear, since one of the best aspects of this is the fact that there will be an online paper trail for folks to refer back to). It's rather like what the folks at de novo do with the occasional online symposium, except if I understand this correctly it will form a standalone site. I like it! Plus, the topic is of great interest and import...

Frolic  {July 30, 2004}

How different is this from the discussions that Slate runs? It's a good format, but I don't think it's original to Arts Journal.

paul  {July 30, 2004}

Well, it does seem to be more free form. I can hardly bring myself to read those emails on Slate, the formatting is so strange and (I think) inaccessible. Plus there's this whole insecurity about whether things should be formal or informal.

I will say that the ArtsJournal blog seems to be unbloglike in the sense that there aren't many links... just back and forth banter between the folks writing there.

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