July 29, 2004

Also, non-medical uses  

This doesn't feel much like technological progress: EMTs are putting powdered potatoes on grievous wounds to stop the bleeding. It's the kind of brilliant discovery you'd expect to find in the 11th century, not the 21st.

bigoldgeek  {July 30, 2004}

There was also a recent story about Chitomed, a dressing that helps wounds heal more quickly thats made from shrimp and crab shells.

As a CAM (Crustacean-Allergic-American, a distinction I plan to use to acquire federal subsidy), I'm a little concerned about how allergenic these dressings will be.

paul  {July 30, 2004}

Even as a non-CAM, I have to saythe idea of putting shrimp and crab on my wounds sounds a little disturbing. Why can't we go with something more wholesome, like a potato?

Frolic  {July 30, 2004}

Considering how bad the shrimp shells smell in my trash at the moment, I can only imagine how bad a wound packed with crustaceans would stink.

barrett  {July 30, 2004}

You two have been paid off by the potato lobby, haven't you? I won't live in a world run from Boise, I tell you!

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