November 18, 2004

How do you like it? How do you like it?  

1. From Waddling Thunder, more about the ortolan: "It is caught during the autumn migrations in traps called matoles, which possess some screening ability that enables them to catch ortolans rather than other birds of the same caliber, and is then caged and fattened on millet." I wonder, is that just a felicitous, general use of the word caliber, or can the word properly classify birds (ie technically, by the shot caliber used) as well?

2. From two former military men, more on the protocols for securing buildings and taking prisoners, and a strong defense of the soldier who was caught on tape last weekend. I stand by my assertion that this is an indictment of war and war's pretensions.

3. And more chili: Barrett has posted the recipe for a somewhat unconventional vegetarian pot we threw together (together) last Saturday. He makes use of two different spellings (chile, chili), but as far as I can tell the usage isn't systematic. Did he miss my post, or is the variety a riff?


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