November 30, 2004

Rage, rage  

1. A group of academics has written in support of bad academic writing. Nerve, or wit?

2. The scourge of Arial: "Arial's ubiquity is not due to its beauty. It's actually rather homely. Not that homeliness is necessarily a bad thing for a typeface. With typefaces, character and history are just as important. Arial, however, has a rather dubious history and not much character. In fact, Arial is little more than a shameless impostor."

3. Mark Liberman looks at cultural stereotypes and the Ukranian language and observes that while Urkanian is seen by many Russians as a less sophisticaed language, in this case it is "the Russophone Yanukovych who is nekulturny."

4. And the Guardian reexamines the circumstances surrounding Dylan Thomas's death.


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