March 6, 2005

The glory of old IU  

For most of this season, I've been tuning in to root against the Illinois men's basketball team, despite the fact that they're practically the home town team here in Chicago, and despite the fact that I have a lot of friends and family (mostly the inlaws) who went to U of I. There's a simple reason for this. It just so happens that the last team to go undefeated for an entire season (including the playoffs) was from Indiana University, way back in 1976 (which was also the year of my birth, incidentally). This evening I'm happy to report that the record will remain intact, thanks to the OSU team that beat the Illini this afternoon. It means I can finally start rooting for Illinois, now that they're no longer playing against (historically speaking) my Hoosiers.

IlliniSarah  {March 7, 2005}

I thought about you during those last 5 seconds of the game..."well, at least Paul will be happy"!

paul  {March 7, 2005}

I probably shoulnd't have been worried -- it's so hard to make it through the season these days without a loss. But the truth is I'd love to see them win a championship, and now that they'd lost I can cheer for them with a clear conscience.

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