March 31, 2005

That crystal land  

1. Sorry for the lack of content this past week. I've been preoccupied with a number of things, from work to Nabokov to college basketball. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week.

2. I can't find this anywhere online, but at the Hyde Park McDonald's this week a 17-year-old student was arrested by the Chicago police for sitting outside of the designated (segregated?) student area. I'm told there will be a sit-in at the relevant McDonald's (the address is 5220 S. Lake Park) tomorrow at noon.

3. Matt Mullenweg, the founder and developer of WordPress, is apparently gaming Google Adwords by placing content on pages within the site. There's not much difference, to my mind, between this and the Asbestos Blog, but obviously it raises some questions about how power (and revenue) sharing should work at the top of the open source model. The link comes from Jason Kottke, about whose new business model, incidentally, there's an interesting analysis here.

4. And let me just express my disbelief and dismay at the Europeans' failure to fight back on the Wolfowitz nomination. Until a line is drawn, the Bush administration is going to walk all over international institutions and international cooperation; this nomination, thanks to Mr. Wolfowitz's credentials, was the perect place to draw that line. Is it possible opponents were convinced by the rumors that this was a reprieve for Wolfowitz -- that it was a less prestigious position than he wanted?

Hugo  {April 1, 2005}

hey Paul,
are you familiar with the
World Bank blog?

Frolic  {April 1, 2005}

It's sad about WordPress. I understand that the kid who runs the site is 21, so I guess this is an example of a foolish mistake of youth. It could has lasting damage to the WordPress project.

I'm considering removing the link to WordPress on my blog.

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