October 2, 2005

Change vs more of the same  

So you can probably tell that I've been messing around with both the design and the format of this site (other recent changes here and here). On the design front, I've actually recoded all of the templates to switch from the table-based structure I had before to a more purer CSS design that's both more elegant and more flexible. Apart from the background color, the outward differences are subtle, and I've tried to make it seem pretty much the same as it was before.

I'm also experimenting with a little bit of a format change: instead of having these occasional linky posts, I've used an MT plugin to create a second blog whose posts will appear inline with the rest of the content here, much like what you see over at kottke.org (it's a feature I've always wanted to replicate). For now the new posts appear without titles or comments, with little yellow-green boxes you can click on for permalinks. I've also added them into the XML feed, so if you're subscribed to that you should get everything. (My plan, unless someone complains, is to stop supporting RSS 1.0 altogether.)

At any rate, feedback and advice on all of this is welcome and appreciated. I have even more changes in mind, and I'll be sure to let you know when I make them.

barrett  {October 3, 2005}

I'm sad you don't have comments. I'd have loved to see the discussion on Karen Hughes's nickname "hurricane Karen" or of why Colin Powell is nicknamed "Balloonfoot".

paul  {October 3, 2005}

hmmm... I'll take this under advisement. I guess depending on the posting frequency for these little posts it might end up seeming a little silly to have comments with each one.

stAllio!  {October 20, 2005}

on the contrary: in the past couple weeks, the ratio of "linky" posts to "full" posts has been something like 6:1. if the linky posts don't allow comments, the de facto result is that readers are unable to comment on the bulk of new content on the blog. it hardly seems worth having contents at all if we can only comment on every seventh post.

paul  {October 20, 2005}

you're right of course -- I do expect to implement comments on all the posts as soon as I get around to it.

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