January 12, 2006


A couple non-legal (illegal?) observations about the judge, since I'm no legal scholar (although Jonathan Turley is):

1) I'm not really inclined to think his minor membership in CAP is a big deal, but I can't really fathom how someone with a brilliant legal mind has forgotten his reasons for joining it, given that he put it on his resume. I mean, there might be some organizations in my past about which I can't remember all the circumstances surrounding my membership or involvement, but there's no way I'd put them on a job application. For someone of Alito's stature to forget something like this is first of all unimpressive, but more importantly completely implausible. So... he's hiding something. But whether he's hiding something important or just playing the usual cat and mouse game where appointees avoid any sharing whatsoever, I have no idea.

2) As far as that game of cat and mouse goes, he's not half the player John Roberts was. Roberts had a clarity and a consistency that made him seem straightforward, even if he was sidestepping a question. Alito, by contrast, seems less confident when he's being evasive, which tends to undermine the credibility of his answers. I'm not suggesting this particular skill has anything to do with being a Supreme Court justice, but the contrast is certainly striking.


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