January 19, 2006

Fire at will  

Comments are once again possible on locussolus. I haven't really done anything to improve spam handling, but since I'm tending to the blog a little more frequently these days maybe I will be able to hold the line. If anybody has any suggestions about dealing with spam, well, comments are open!

UPDATE: Nevermind. I'm closing comments again because there have been over 2000 spams in less than a day since I first posted this. I simply don't have the time to delete all this crap, and it's been taking the fun out of blogging for a while now. Maybe I will go commentless from here on out? Please email me if you have a solution to this problem -- my email is near the bottom of the sidebar.

MORE: Thanks to all who have written with suggestions about how to get around this problem. At this point my plan is to fix thingd by having comment registration through Typepad. I'll be doing this at some point in the future, but it won't be in the few days, since I'm out of town for the week.


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