January 4, 2007

Your choice of a free license  

Prompted by some discussion here about stolen flickr content, I did a search the other day and discovered that a good selection of my photographs (most of them are food shots) appear on Wikipedia. I mentioned this before, the first time I learned that one of my shots appeared there, but I hadn't realized just how many shots were being used. They are all collected here, with links to the relevant articles on the individual photo pages. It's all very gratifying, and only possible thanks to Creative Commons.

I should say that I added a handful of those pictures to Wikipedia myself; I don't think I've mentioned yet here that I have been doing the Wikipedia thing pretty regularly for the past three or four months. I've mostly been doing maintenance rather than supplying new content.

Jonathan Versen  {January 4, 2007}

Happy new year Paul, and congratulations to both of you on the new kid.

paul  {January 5, 2007}

Thanks Jonathan -- happy new year to you too!

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