May 17, 2007

Rules and rulings  

Too bad the Phoenix Suns, all class, lost last night. Bill Simmons had what seems to me a reasonable appraisal of the situation: Applying the rule makes sense, but the rule itself is weak. And isn't this always the case with rules restricting something other than the exact thing they are intended to prevent -- in this case, with a rule punishing you for leaving the bench rather than a rule against fighting? This kind of oblique rule structure always leads to bizarre and unintended circumstances. If Raja Bell was actually involved in the scuffle, how is it that he was not suspended while Stoudemire and Diaw were?

UPDATE: More here from ESPN's various experts. Can I just say how impressed I am with ESPN's NBA coverage, day in and day out? In general I have long felt that the best journalists around are in sports, and these folks are the best around.


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