August 27, 2008

Very cost-effective, with a lovely temperament  

It's been a long and difficult summer, but I think I am finally back for some blogging. This week we're in Wisconsin, and I'll have a few pictures to post when we return (although the big opportunity was missed last week when the Wisconsin River was temporarily drained in this area). Of course I've been watching the convention, but I don't have anything to add that you couldn't read in dozens of other places. For now, these links, all food-related:

1. This article on molecular gastronomy deals specifically with how to cook eggs, which is interesting enough, but which I mention because I photographed a food science class at Dominican University in River Forest a couple weeks back where they were teaching some of the same principles. The class was taught by a microbiologist.

2. The idea of underground restaurants has a lot of appeal for me.

3. My friend often tells me about the side of beef he bought and stores in the freezer, but I doubt he has enough grass to raise his own cow. (I wonder what the carbon footprint for that looks like.)


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